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The Property Coach

Prior to becoming a Real Estate Professional, I spent 23 years as a College Basketball Coach.  From UC Irvine to Boise State to Pacific University among others, I learned that to be successful, I had to be able to effectively communicate with a diverse group of student-athletes with the ultimate goal of helping them utilize high level athletics to become successful in their post collegiate careers.  Real Estate has proven to be very similar.  My job in working with my clients is to "Coach" them through the complicated, and often scary waters of the Real Estate Transaction.  Whether buying or selling, I will work to gain a personal relationship with you and will help you understand and feel comfortable as we buy or sell a home on your behalf.  Just like in college coaching, we will work as a TEAM to navigate the pitfalls of the transaction and make sure that you know that I am always working diligently on your behalf to put you in the most advantageous position possible!

Competitive Work Ethic

As a former college basketball player and coach to put it quite simply, I do not like to lose.  What that means for you is that I will work tirelessly on your behalf to provide an elite level of service to you and put you in the best position possible throughout the course of your real estate transaction.  Always remember a good agent works for YOU!  I assure you that I will do whatever is necessary to support and assist you and will not rest until your real estate needs are met to the highest possible standard.


Negotiation is paramount in the Real Estate transaction.  To be an effective negotiator, an agent must possess the people skills, savvy and expertise to deal with all parties to the transaction.  The ability  to deal with people, read situations, and keep the interests of the client at the forefront of decision making is key.  I am not only comfortable in those crucial situations, I thrive in them!  With The Property Coach, you can feel confident that those aspects are being met at an elite level and always with your interests first!

Committed to You!

To have a positive home buying or selling experience, communication is essential.  When assessing your needs, I will listen more than I speak so that I can address how to best help you.  I will then communicate with you every step of the way to keep  you informed of new trends, developments and happenings throughout the process.  Furthermore, I will utilize effective and strategic communication methods to advocate on your behalf with all parties to your transaction.  The net effect of this method will be to provide you with a positive and enjoyable home buying/selling experience!




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