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Jan. 27, 2018

Explore Exotic Lands on Portland Real Estate

Meet mighty beasts and tiny creatures living on Portland real estate. At the Oregon Zoo many of the world’s most magnificent animals call Portland home. Amazing exhibits showcase impressive creatures in state of the art habitats. Separated by geographic regions guests can roam the world without leaving zoo grounds.

Many of Africa’s animals are frontrunners for favorites. Giraffes poke their heads out from the tallest of the trees in Africa Savanna while nearby rhinos kick up dust and hippos cool off in the pool. Monkeys chatter in the Africa Rainforest where bats hang upside down waiting for darkness to descend. Lions lurk in the Predators of the Serengeti exhibit. Other big cats stalking about include caracals and cheetahs. Orangutans and white-cheeked gibbons swing from limb to limb in the Red Ape Reserve. Elephants are beloved by all and the Oregon Zoo has the best interest of the species at heart. Learn about international conservation efforts supported by this organization and others here. Asian elephants living on Portland real estate thrive in of one of the largest indoor elephant facilities in the nation.

Animals from A to Z Call Portland Home

Birdwatchers won’t need binoculars to spot bald eagles, golden eagles and California condors soaring through the sky. Colorful feathers brighten the landscape with pink flamingos and Blue and gold macaws. The Insect Zoo is not for the squeamish. Creepy and crawlies are ready to earn gasps and squeaks. Mom and grandma may want to sit this one out while the boys in the group get to know a variety of bugs. Spiders vary from little to large. The Mexican red-kneed tarantula seems super sized. Search for the Australian walking stick who uses his resemblance to branches for protection. The Madagascar hissing cockroaches have much to say to those who are willing to listen.

Explorers off to the Oregon Zoo trek through open doors every day of the year except Christmas. Hours are seasonal and should be checked prior to arrival. The daily schedule is filled with fun additions such as keeper chats, special events and shows. Embrace your wild side and spend some time with the world’s most exotic beings.


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Jan. 25, 2018

Step into the Past on Portland Property

Whispers from the past can be heard on Portland property. Trips to the Pittock Mansion transport visitors back into the early days of the 1900’s. True pioneers, Henry Pittock and his wife Georgianna journeyed to Oregon via covered wagon. Through hardwork and determination Henry amassed an empire with his hand firmly set into multiple businesses including the railroad, publishing, Portland real estate, banking, ranching and mining. One of the first power couples, the Pittocks devoted themselves to their community. Always out and about these two lived an active life hiking, climbing, gardening and bicycling around.

History Overflows on Picturesque Portland Real Estate

Today the Pittock Mansion sits serenely in Pittock Acres Park. Over forty acres sets the scene for hiking, walking and pondering life. Built in 1914 the house represents the success of the American dream. Falling into disrepair over the years the City of Portland bought and renovated the mansion in the 1960’s. Open daily from February to December the wonderful dwelling acts as a time capsule providing a glimpse back into an opulent past. Filled with authentic family heirlooms and genuine period pieces the rooms filling this Portland property are truly a historian's treasure trove. The character of the Pittock family easily comes to life through their belongings, biographies and cherished photographs. Discovery Tours are designed for third and fourth grade students living in the region. These youngsters get to explore three floors ripe with history. Field trip activities stimulate interest and encourage enthusiasm.

The beauty surrounding the Pittock Mansion inspires those trespassing through. The park welcomes the public onto the grounds every day until 9 p.m. weather permitting. Doors to the home open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily with increased hours during summer. During the month of January the mansion is closed however. Adult admission is $11 with discounts for youth and seniors. Membership packages assist in preservation of this magnificent site and includes complimentary admittance and member only events.


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Jan. 25, 2018

Families Living in Portland Break Bread Together

Generations of families living in Portland gather together to break bread at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Memories are created both big and small with celebrations of lifetime events and simple meals shared with loved ones. With a vibrant history, this iconic Portland property restaurant has been filling local tummies with homemade goodness since 1969. Family owned and operated quaint and quirky decor blends well with decadently delicious food.

Menus are made for picky appetites. Almost endless there seems to be something to satisfy almost everyone’s cravings. Appetizers set the stage for memorable meals. No one says no to pieces of Sicilian garlic cheese bread. Shrimp, spinach and artichoke dip is served with rustic bread. Pasta is palate pleasing. And the namesake dish comes paired with a variety of sauces. From brown butter and Mizithra to meat, marinara, and clam, spaghetti made from scratch cannot be beat. Baked lasagna layers pasta with cheese and meat. Rich chicken parmesan really hits the spot. Signature selections are hard to choose between. Regulars living in Portland love to indulge in the chicken piccata or gourmet jumbo crab ravioli. Salads are refreshing options for those seeking a lighter meal. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert. Those who are too full often take one to go. Temptations take the form of chocolate mousse cake, New York cheesecake and mud pie. Seniors and kids have special menus designed just for them. Gluten free options are also available.

The Old Spaghetti Factory prides itself on cooking with only the highest quality ingredients. Authenticness is enjoyed in every bite. A key staple in many delicious dishes is the addition of Mizithra cheese, an imported flavorful Greek Cheese. This shared secret ingredient is now available in select grocery locations of Portland property.

Mouths water all around when a trip to the Old Spaghetti Factory is suggested. Grab the keys, load the family in the car and get up and go.


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July 31, 2017

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